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Film | Private Tapes 

Film | Private Tapes
The original music to the pictures of Dirk W. de Jong

Over the years I always wanted the music to last much longer than the live performance. So just a few times I did some video taping. Captured in the film tracks underneath are feature this videotaped footage. The bare essence of music. Yes! It does not sound as good as a beautifully produced recording. You may hear a bird, the wind or some insects. Yes! The images are captured in a small-time manner and are hardly edited. The raw private tapes. 
Here some clippings from these tapes. The full version film can be accessed with a free qr code that comes along with the American Blues book. 

Raymond and Joëlla Walker 'Spiritual': https://youtu.be/TaZAwTJaOCY
Corey Harris 'Texas': https://youtu.be/T4iSCvsffvI
Corey Harris 'Early in the morning': https://youtu.be/696ARrOj6Q4
Donna and Lewis Lamb 'Arkansas': https://youtu.be/VdiUIdpjeZo
Donna and Lewis Lamb 'They knocked him in the head': https://youtu.be/xNvmj1RleZE
Super Chikan 'Delta style blues': https://youtu.be/hR0n_i3gCkw
Super Chikan 'Grandpa': https://youtu.be/OCnxKC58bjw
The Gourds 'Stadium Blitzer': https://youtu.be/NGmm2nLdPPs
The Gourds 'Cold Bed': https://youtu.be/z9YNHseenR0
Damon Bramblett 'Heaven bound': https://youtu.be/7XSjYiGAICE
Terry Allen 'Texican Badman': https://youtu.be/oZ5hKQrD28Q
Terry Allen 'Wilderness of the World': https://youtu.be/kP-zTIIhbfQ
Buddy Guy 'Champagne and Reefer':  https://youtu.be/RD-YCFQmwp0

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